Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

So, we celebrated Memorial Day in a rather unconventional way, I guess. While I would have loved to go to the parade and have a grilling party at home, it wasn't going to happen. See, I don't get days off. LOL! (Yes, I use LOL and other "laughies" A LOT! Don't like it, don't read this! LOL!)
We had to drive out to Northfield to get a load of hay in for my barn owner. Only 25 bales. I love going to this farm because there are always calves and barn cats and the cows. And the smell of sileage and manure just reminds me of my grandparents' farm in New York State when I was a little girl. We chatted with a fellow there for a bit about the lengths we go to with our horses. And how some days, it is so tempting to send them to France for the dinner table. LOL!
Driving back to Belmont to the farm, my sister calls. She is trying to give me directions. I am trying to drive the truck, drink coffee, and hold my cell phone. "Let me give you to Jay," I said. "Why?" she asks, getting all testy. "Because! I'm trying to drink my coffee and drive the truck! Here! Talk to Jay! I ain't got a hand for ya, woman!" I said and passed the phone off. LOL!
We got to the barn and got the hay unloaded. I needed to get a ride in on my mare, Star, as we have a horse show on Sunday. Star was a lazy pig and I looked like crap. All in all, a very cruddy ride. I did the barn chores. I work at the barn Monday through Friday in exchange for boarding my horses there. Do all the stalls, deal with water tanks and buckets, deal with hay, turning in and out. I like the work cause I like working with the horses. It has its days like any job but it is far more enjoyable than any others I've had. LOL!
We came home and I took a shower. Laid down in my bed to dry off and warm up and FELL ASLEEP! GRRR! Hate when that happens. LOL! I had a kinda strange dream about being on the Time Bandit (a boat from Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. Google it. I don't wanna explain right now. LOL!) seeing ocean critters. Like a cooler whale watch, yo. LOL!
I woke up later than I would have wanted to and had to rush to get ready for my nephew's baseball game. We stopped at the barn for night chores on the way and, of course, it couldn't go smoothly. LOL! My older mare was being mental. So, we left home late, then got delayed at the barn, see where this is going?
There were 2 fender benders on the highway on the drive to the baseball game. I freely admit I was cussing. The traffic was ridiculous. Slow drivers in the fast lane........GRRR! (I also growl a good bit.) We finally got to the game in the second inning. My nephew was great. Didn't get out at all, got hit in the head with a wild pitch, and my 2 year old just worships his cousin! LOL! We all ate a whole heaping pile of crap at the game.
Stopped at my sister's house on the way out of town so she could load my children up with snacks. Tried making friends with ehr cat again. Thought I was getting somewhere cause the cat was mewing sweetly. Then I got within three feet and the evil creature started growling at me. I told her she was gonna end up in a very warm place someday with that attitude.
The drive home was largely uneventful as I drifted in and out of consciousness. No, I wasn't driving. LOL! Had to carry my 12 year old into the house as she was asleep. 7 year old walked in and 2 year old wanted to be carried too. LOL! The dog was so excited to see us, he was spinning in his crate and actually moving it around the family room. LOL! Had a salad and went to bed, pretty much.

This is my life. How everloving boring, eh? LOL!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well, well.....

.....they'll let any idiot have a blog, now won't they!?!

I have some ideas and no idea what the heck I'll do with this thing. One thing I totally always wanna do is make y'all laugh. Hard. And long. Repeatedly. Cause that is how I roll, yo.

I'm a soon-to-be working mom of three in the lovely city of Laconia in the lovely state of New Hampshire. I have 2 horses, a dog, 2 cats, a bunny, and 2 turtles. I dunno what one might wannna know but, if you ask, I just might tell.