Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009, yo!

Let's see......I was awakened at 2:16 a.m. by a text. I will give y'all the exact exchange that went on.
Him: "Im in lakeport, lol"
Me: "And you woke me up because? gee thanks"
Him: "Come have a beer w me, im right up the street"
Me: "No. going back to sleep, had a long day showing and have to work in the morning. call heidi"
Him: "Gn"
Me (cause i was livid): "No place is even open in lakport this late so idk what game youre playing dude. but im pissed that i am awake right now just so you know."
Him: "A friends house across from the park"
I did not respond. So, I finally fell back asleep at around four. Woke up around 7:10 a.m. and figured Boozy the Clown would be asleep! HAHA! Payback!
Me: "You like being woken up too?"
No response. I got up, got the girls ready and drove them to school. Then went to the barn to work, cleaning stalls and taking care of horses. Came back home and was getting myself some lunch together. Tuna sandwich and a big slice of cake. My phone fires off that I have a text.
Him: "I just wanted to hang out w u last night, not a booty call."
Me: "Point was that it was two in the morning. Im still tired and a bit pissed yo."
Him: "My bad, didnt think u'd be all hurt"
Wrong thing to say. The poor boy dug himself a hole he can't ever get out of.
Me: "Im not hurt in any way. Pissed and hurt are not the same. When im hurt i cry. When im pissed i wanna beat ass. Just let me cool down from it yo."
Little shite needs his ass beat. I got online and fiddled around here and at MySpace and Facebook then it was time to pick up my girls. Picked them up, got my softball schedule, and we came home. Changed clothes, picked up their dad and brother then headed for the farm.
Meg and Rin worked together getting Rin's pony, Sassy, ready for Rin's ride. I lunged Sassy then Meg got on bareback and hacked her around walk/trot/canter for a good half hour before Rin got on. Then Rin did some work on the lunge line before I unhooked her and she worked off the line for a bit. While she worked, Meg was in the barn getting Star ready for my ride. After Rin, my two year old son, Jack, got on and had a little lunge line pony ride. Then he rode Sassy all the way back to the barn. With Mom holding the lead on one side and his Daddy walking on the other side. LOL! He did really great. Rode for probably fifteen minutes altogether.
Meg got Star ready and down to the indoor while I made night feed and fed Sassy. Meg rode her walk/trot/canter while their Dad took the two little ones home to make dinner and get them to bed. I went down to the ring to watch Meg for a bit then I got on Star. She really needed that work I think. She was an absolute joy to ride this evening. Forward and smooth. Loved it! LOL!
Meg was getting the gelding she is leasing for the summer, Merlin ready while I rode. As I finished up, they came into the ring. She finally got on him and he took off galloping. She got him back under control and was walking him on the rail. Then he starts galloping and bucking down the long side of the ring. She got him under control again. Iw as no help except to keep saying "whoa" in a soothing tone. I'm his groom. I take care of him five days a week. I love this horse. And he was trying to kill my child. LOL! She got him up to the house and he was okay. I went and got our barn owner and she took them to the indoor. Where Meg was promptly and unceremoniously dumped off. She said her head hurt but I had my doubts. Another girl got on Merlin and worked the snot out of him. I was moving jump standards out of the ring and Meg was glued to my side.
"Meg, I want the truth. Does your ehad really hurt or are you scared of that horse?" I asked.
"I'm so scared of him, Mumma," she said, fat ole tears running down her cheeks.
"You know what I have to do, right?" I said.
She nodded. I had to put her back on him. Or she would be scared. My barn owner put him on a lunge line and gave her a spectacular lunge line lesson. Then Meg went off the line and had a great ride on him. So, we found out we have to lunge the snot out of him before she rides him. Adds another half an hour to the barn routine. LOL! But, my kid still loves her leased horse so.....I'm a sucker.
I still had to do stalls tonight and take care of my horses. My sweet Star was standing through all this drama in her stall waiting for her dinner grain. Poor sweet pony. I will make her a treat tomorrow of some sort. And after she was so good for me today!!!!
Left the barn about 9:00 p.m. Came home, ate dinner (spaghetti and meatballs. It was okay.), checked online places, made this blog. Now, I'm gonna go soak in a hot bath with epsom salts. My shoulders, upper arms, and back are all killing me. And my thighs. Then I'm gonna climb into my bed and there better not be any texts tonight.

I was gonna get pics to go along with this blog (and they would have been some cute, let me tell ya!) but the batteries died in the goshdarn camera!
See y'all tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

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