Monday, June 1, 2009

Some stuff

Well, I really want to be able to update this daily, if possible. Even if my day is boring to the point of sobbing. I guess I'll start today. With yesterday.

I had my first horse show ever yesterday. Oh, I've been around shows as my daughters have been showing for three years in hunters. But this time, I rode the show. I showed out mare, Star. In Showmanship (nothing out of like, twelve.), Adult Walk/Trot Equitation (5th out of 7), and Adult Walk/Trot Pleasure (6th out of 7 but one DNF'd). I really enjoyed it and have a lot to work on now before the next show in two weeks when both of my girls will be showing as well.

Me and Star heading for the indoor for the last ride before the show.
Me and Star after Equitation with our fifth place ribbon. It's pink which is FABULOUS, IMHO!

See us WAAAYYY down at the end? Waiting for pinning in Equitation.

VERY unflattering pic of us in Equitation.

Me and Star right before we went in for Showmanship!
After the show, we took Star back to the farm and turned her out. Then I literally came home and crashed on the couch after eating VAST quantities of eggs and toast. Woke up, went back to the barn for night chores. Then home to eat and crash on the couch again before stumbling up to my bed, dragging my pillow like a little kid in a cartoon.
That was May 31. I'll blog today tonight. LOL!

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